5 Tools To Retain And Attract Physical Therapy Patients

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A physical therapy practice can’t succeed without consistent and new customers. To continue serving your existing customers well while bringing in new clients, there are a couple of steps your clinic can take:

1. Make the first point of contact memorable
The first representative most patients encounter  is a receptionist or the person answering your office phone. It’s important for all employees to be phone-trained so they provide a helpful experience for both former and new customers. The voice answering the phone should be professional, kind and understanding, according to the Physicians Practice. If the first impression doesn’t go well, patients could seek help elsewhere.

2. Advertise what sets your practice apart
Does your physical therapy clinic have new machines? What unique services do you provide? Showcase this information and more on a simple but creative website to attract new patients and keep existing customers updated. Add all relevant contacts and therapy hours, and include images from product vendors so clients know what to expect. By keeping your online image up to date, you can increase traffic to your practice.

3. Pair with a local business
Companies in your area could provide advertising opportunities and potential new clients. Pick a business that has a tie-in to your practice, whether the company provides health care insurance or sells exercise equipment. The relationship can be mutually beneficial, as you can plant brochures for your physical therapy services in their offices and vice versa, according to Healthcare Success. Employees at your partner company would not have to look far for a therapy center to help with their needs.

4. Encourage referrals
Word of mouth is a great way to garner more business, especially if you offer incentives to customers who speak of your physical therapy practice positively. Asking current customers for referrals can draw potential clients into the office and keep current patients around for longer. In addition, rewards like money off their next visit can prolong clients’ time with your practice and make them feel important to your business. Customers like to do business with people they know or have heard about from their peers, according to Entrepreneur. Capitalize on that to maintain and increase the number of people coming into your physical therapy practice.

5. Be aware of your language
Poor use of language or nonverbal cues can lead patients to feel misunderstood or “less than” their physical therapist, according to Forbes. Current patient satisfaction can be greatly improved if there is greater awareness of body language, as well as verbal dialogue. Break down harder-to-understand concepts or physical therapy jargon to patients so they understand the goals of their treatment. Talk quietly and carefully to not draw attention to a client’s condition or confuse him or her along the way. Eye contact also goes a long way with patients, whether a physical therapist works directly with them or not.

To keep current clients happy, as well as to bring in new clients, there are many tools your physical therapy practice can use. There is no one right way to retain and attract customers, but by asking for patient feedback and providing a quality experience, your clinic can draw in consistent business.


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