5 Ways Your Physical Therapy Clinic Can Increase Newsletter Readership

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Newsletters contain valuable information for customers but are often deleted from inboxes without being opened. For physical therapy practices, newsletters can provide patients with helpful tips for their health and well-being. Here are five ways your clinic can improve its newsletter marketing and gain patient readership:

1. Pick your purpose
What is your physical therapy practice hoping to gain with its newsletters? This is a critical part of your clinic’s overall marketing strategy. To share valuable content with readers, you have to know what you want the newsletter to accomplish. As long as the content in your newsletter remains within those confines, your clinic can more easily choose what kind of information will draw your customers into reading.

2. Balance education and promotion
A strictly sales-based newsletter will quickly turn off customers from being on your contact list. Promotional material will either be set to “spam” or immediately deleted. Instead, focus your newsletter on instructional and informative content that adds value to a patient if he or she reads it. Clients are more likely to read your clinic’s newsletters if they contain up-to-date, relevant material. Leave out the sales-related information unless your practice has big news to share, according to HubSpot.

“Create an incentive so that potential readers won’t hesitate to click on your email.”

3. Make subject lines click-worthy
The first thing recipients see when they receive your practice’s email is the tagline for the newsletter. This is an opportunity for your clinic to get creative while also providing enough information to entice a patient to read the material. Create an incentive so that potential readers won’t hesitate to click on your email. Having more original subject lines will heighten a customer’s familiarity with your brand and with the information your provide to them on a daily, weekly or monthly basis.

4. Showcase the right content
Once your readers have taken the subject-line bait, it’s vital that the information you provide meets or exceeds their expectations. Whether your newsletter will contain original writing or collected content from other sources, make sure it’s relevant to your clients. Don’t mislead readers with subject lines and articles that don’t match up. Three to five articles will suffice so you don’t overwhelm your patients’ senses, according to WebPT. The content is what makes the newsletter effective, so take your time to curate the best reading material for your customers.

5. Edit, edit, edit
Your newsletter represents both your physical therapy practice and its overall brand, so it’s essential to proofread the material, WebPT reported. Spelling and grammar errors can be annoying and a turn off for customers, which may result in people unsubscribing from your clinic’s emails. A couple of rounds of edits won’t hurt and don’t take up too much time. A completely correct newsletter impresses readers and increases their loyalty to not only your newsletter but also your practice.

Email newsletters are a great way to attract readers to important and relevant physical therapy information while also building trust in your clinic. To boost readership of your messages, focus on attractive subject lines and clean, intelligent and purposeful content.


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