7 Free Newsletters and Blogs Every Health Care Practice Owner Should be Reading

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Resources for staying current on business news and trends

Staying on top of current information in business and the healthcare industry can be time-consuming and overwhelming.  There’s so much information demanding your attention daily that it’s almost easier to ignore it and shut out all the noise.

But the reality is that as a healthcare professional and practice owner, you do need to keep on top of current healthcare practice issues that affect your business and your profession. That’s where online newsletters and blogs can help. Subscribing to a short list of top-quality content delivered right to your inbox can help you keep up-to-date on topics that can improve your business, your practice operations and your leadership skills. And best of all, you can read them on-demand and on your own schedule.

Here are seven suggestions for free newsletters and blogs every healthcare practice owner should be reading:



Founded by three physical therapists, UpDoc’s vision is to serve as an influencer and innovator of business excellence specifically in healthcare, education and technology. You’ll find industry reports, and articles on healthcare practice management, marketing, customer experience, and salary trends among others.

Subscribe here.

Healthcare Dive

This newsletter focuses on current news and trends shaping healthcare. It covers topics such as health IT, policy and regulation, digital health and practice management. If you’re interested in current trends and topics in the healthcare industry, subscribe here.

Audacious by Measure What Matters

How you set goals makes all the difference. In his book, Measure What Matters, best-selling author John Doerr shows how OKRs – a simple technique for goal-setting can help established and emerging leaders from every type of business achieve success. Get inspiration and strategies from his weekly email newsletter, Audacious.

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Travis Bradberry is the co-author of Emotional Intelligence 2.0 and the co-founder of TalentSmart, a provider of emotional intelligence tests and training. Over 2 million business owners, leaders, and ordinary people subscribe to his TalentSmart newsletter. You don’t have to be a TalentSmart client to access their valuable content. If you’re looking for inspiring articles on building and maintaining an emotionally intelligent team, subscribe here.

If you have employees in your practice, you should be keeping up-to-date on human resources news, regulations and trends. HR Dive covers topics such as compensation, benefits, talent acquisition and onboarding. There are a variety of newsletters on a number of HR topics you can subscribe to here.


All Business

All Business is an online resource for small businesses. It provides tools and resources to grow and manage all types of business. This free online resource has been recognized by Forbes, The Wall Street Journal, and USA Today among other publications. Find information on a variety of small business topics ranging from marketing, finance, social media, and technology by subscribing here.


The focus of Business.com is to help business owners grow. They cover of variety of important business topics including finance, technology and marketing. Subscribe here.


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