7 Tips To Writing A Website ‘About Us’ Page

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Carol A. Wilcox

PREFERRED Therapy Providers, Inc.

When was the last time you took a look at your ‘about us’ page on your healthcare business website? Be honest, it’s probably been awhile. An ‘about’ page is an important part of your website because people are naturally curious about the type of healthcare practice you have and who the individuals are behind the business. Visitors to your website want to get to know you, and a well-crafted ‘about’ page can provide answers to their questions while instilling a level of trust that will prompt people to contact you for an appointment.

If you haven’t spruced up your ‘about us’ page in awhile, here are 7 tips you can use as a guideline to writing your own effective page:

  1. Who are you and what do you do? – Visitors to your website want to know who you are and why you’re in healthcare. If you have a mission statement, this is the place for it. Just be sure that the statement concisely states what your goals are. People want to know why they should choose your practice over your competition down the street.
  2. What is your practice story? – Why did you open your healthcare practice? Did you or a family member or friend have an injury that was helped by physical therapy? What inspired you to become a healthcare provider? Including a brief personal story can build a connection between you and prospective patients.
  3. What do you specialize in and how do you help your patients? – List the top specialties your practice offers and how you help your patients.
  4. Spotlight your team members – Potential patients want to know something about the practice leaders and key team members. Create brief bios for each person on the ‘about’ page. If you want to go into more detail about your team’s qualifications, have the bios link to another page where you can provide extended details. Make sure to include photos of your team members.
  5. Use real photos – Stock photos are great for certain types of content but not on the ‘about us’ page. Use real photos of your clinic instead of impersonal stock images. Make sure that the image resolutions are large enough and clear enough before you upload them. Test the resolutions on different types of computer monitors and mobile devices to make sure all look good.
  6. Use a testimonial video – Include a patient testimonial video on your ‘about’ page. Prospective patients want to know how you’ve helped other people. The video should be brief, no more than 2-3 minutes. This resource explains more about how to create a testimonial video.
  7. How do you serve your community? – Is your clinic involved in any community activities? Do you sponsor a local charity or school sports team? Listing some of the community activities you and your team participate in creates a sense of commitment and stability to your practice.

About the Author:

Carol A. Wilcox is the staff writer and head of marketing communications at PREFERRED Therapy Providers, Inc. You can reach Carol here.

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