Promote Your Healthcare Business With A LinkedIn Company Page

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Carol A. Wilcox

 PREFERRED Therapy Providers, Inc.

Are you looking for an easy way to promote your healthcare practice? One effective business promotion tool is a LinkedIn company page. LinkedIn company pages are a simple way to market your practice to potential patients. It’s also a great employee recruitment tool. Best of all, you can create a business page on LinkedIn for free. This post will focus on why it’s important to create a LinkedIn business page for your healthcare business along with some guidance on how you can create the page yourself.


Many people think LinkedIn is a social networking tool only designed to refer professionals to resources and potential employment opportunities. Some might even think it’s tailored only to large businesses and corporations. LinkedIn can actually do a lot more, especially for businesses in the healthcare field, regardless of the size of the practice. A company page can help potential patients, referral sources, and potential employees learn more about your practice and the types of services your clinic offers. According to this resource, there are 13 million company pages on LinkedIn. Your business should be one of them.

Many people research businesses they’re interested in on LinkedIn company pages prior to engaging services. Potential employees often refer to LinkedIn company pages to determine if the business would be a good fit for employment. Members of the media research healthcare companies on LinkedIn before contacting them for opinions on trending health-related issues. Colleagues and medical professionals use LinkedIn to build relationships for referrals and other business.

Benefits of a LinkedIn company page include:

  • Increases online awareness for your healthcare business.
  • Opens up opportunities to connect with business leads and referral sources.
  • Provides a platform to showcase your specialized services.
  • Acts as a tool to attract top healthcare providers for your business.
  • Provides a platform to announce important news in your business such as new hires, new techniques, new equipment, new certifications, etc.


Before you can create a company page on LinkedIn, you must first have an active personal LinkedIn profile with at least a few connections. You must also be an owner of the company, or if you want to assign management of the company page to an employee, it must be a current employee who has an existing profile on LinkedIn. Once your company page is established, you can add additional administrators if you’d like.

From your LinkedIn home page, click the Work icon located in the top right corner of the page. Scroll down and click, Create a Company Page. On the next screen, you’ll be asked to enter your company name. You will also be asked to create a LinkedIn public URL. LinkedIn members and search engines will use this URL to locate your business page. Once you set the URL, it cannot be changed at a later date. Most businesses use their company name as their URL. However, if you have a company name that is similar to another company already on LinkedIn, you may have to make some adjustments.

Next, click the check box that asks you to verify that you are an official representative of the company and that you have the right to manage the page. Then click the Create page button. Click Get started on the welcome screen and begin to fill out your company profile. Your page will not be published until you include a company description (at least 250 characters) and your company website URL.

Need help? If you need help setting up your LinkedIn company page, LinkedIn has step-by-step instructions to get you started.


If you’re stuck on how to fill out your LinkedIn company page or just need some inspiration, check out some of the company pages of your competitors or companies that you currently do business with or admire. If you need more, this resource provides a list of 20 successful small business company pages and groups on LinkedIn.


If you’ve taken the time to create a company page on LinkedIn, take some extra steps to ensure that your information stays current. Here are some tips:

  • Start by writing a summary of your business that is concise, accurate and compelling.
  • Add images including your company logo and a cover image. This resource provides suggestions on how to upload logos and images to your LinkedIn company page.
  • Use keywords in your company description. LinkedIn company pages are SEO-friendly.
  • Regularly share content such as company news or articles. For example, we post our monthly blogs regularly on our LinkedIn company page.
  • Are you hiring? Add information on employment opportunities in your practice.
  • Engage with others on LinkedIn. You won’t attract patients, referrals or employees if you remain a passive participant on LinkedIn. Just as with any other networking platform or business marketing tool, the amount of effort you put into it will result in how much you will yield.

This resource provides some additional tips on how to maximize your exposure with your LinkedIn company page.

If you’ve never utilized a social networking tool to market your practice, or if you’re an experienced social networking pro, LinkedIn is a great addition to your marketing toolkit. Take the time to work on your company profile and keep the content on your page current. Choose your connections on LinkedIn carefully and share valuable insights with them. LinkedIn is one of the few, free, effective tools available to help your healthcare practice grow and prosper.


About the Author:

Carol A. Wilcox is the staff writer and head of marketing communications at PREFERRED Therapy Providers, Inc. You can reach Carol here.

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