The Best 5 Free Podcasts For Busy Clinic Owners

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Carol A. Wilcox

 PREFERRED Therapy Providers, Inc.

Are you always looking for better ways to manage your business but can’t seem to find the time? Do you wish there was a simple on-demand way to get the current information you need on the go? If so, podcasts may be the answer.

Podcasts are a lot like radio but are streamed over the Internet. Most podcasts are free to listen to and can be downloaded onto your computer, tablet or mobile phone. For the most part, podcasts, unlike most of radio, are pre-recorded and not broadcast live. They’re popular because you can listen to them anytime and practically anywhere.

There are podcasts on nearly every subject matter. Some podcasts are professionally recorded in studios while others are recorded in home offices or on cell phones. Some are produced by large corporations and others are produced by an individual person. Most podcasts are interviews with thought leaders, industry experts and others with expertise in their particular field. The nice thing about podcasts is that you don’t need any special equipment to listen to them as this resource explains.


It’s not very difficult to find podcasts that may interest you. Using Google, you can put in search terms such as, small business podcasts, and a number of resources will be listed. Another easy way to find podcasts is with Listen Notes, a handy search engine that you can find podcasts by topic, place or people. It’s free to create an account and there are features that allow you to set “alerts” to receive notifications of new podcasts that have your keywords.

If you’re too busy to search for podcasts on your own, we have listed 5 of the best free podcasts for busy clinic owners to get you started:


WSJ Your Money Matters – Your Money Matters is a daily podcast from the Wall Street Journal focusing on economic and financial news with a wide range of topics including personal finance. Each podcast averages about 8 minutes. It’s a great way to catch up on the latest trends and news in finance for you and your business.

Red Hot Healthcare – Hosted by Dr. Steve Ambrose, a consumer and patient engagement thought leader. Weekly interview podcasts with senior health and health tech guests from a variety of areas in the healthcare field.

UpDoc Media Podcasts – Three different podcasts produced by UpDoc Media: Therapy Insiders podcast hosted by Dr. Gene Shirokobrod, Healthcare DisruPTion podcast with Drs. Jerry Durham and Andrew Rothschold and Untold Physio Stories podcast with Drs. Gene Shirokobrod, Erson Religioso and Joe Palmer. Learn about marketing, new business trends and advice from physical therapists.

Evidence in Motion Podcasts – EIM offers three different podcasts – Clinical podcast hosted by Drs. John Childs and Jeff Moore, Inside Leadership podcast hosted by Dr. Daphne Scott and Practice Leadership podcast hosted by Dr. Larry Benz. The podcasts cover a wide range of timely topics for physical therapy practice owners.

PT Pintcast – PT Pintcast is hosted by Jimmy McKay, a former rock radio DJ turned physical therapist. Jimmy’s entertaining podcast features interviews with leading PTs and thought leaders. His lively conversations are always discussed over a pint of beer.

Have you found other podcasts that can help physical therapy businesses? Let us know here and we’ll publish an updated list in a future post.

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Carol A. Wilcox is the staff writer and head of marketing communications at PREFERRED Therapy Providers, Inc. You can reach Carol here.

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