Partner with PREFERRED

We’re here as your behind-the-scenes therapy network partner. At no cost to the payor, we customize, simplify, and lower the cost of therapy network administration. We listen to your needs and customize our network by geography, provider type, service, or other criteria that best supports your clients and members. Our administrative services make it easy to work with PREFERRED. We credential network providers following NCQA standards and leverage technology to simplify data submission for directories. We provide education to our network and field provider questions and calls to decrease the administrative demands on your teams.

We work closely with HMOs, PPOs, ACOs, insured health plans, self-insured, workers’ compensation networks and carriers, MPNs, and specialty networks. We have a geographically dispersed panel of providers. Through our network development, we lower the cost of recruiting, contracting, and credentialing providers to meet your needs. We can recruit based on geography, service requirements, or patient specialization. Our flexible network model allows us to provide a customized, streamlined, and cost-effective network of therapy providers.

As your therapy network partner, we provide a network tailored to your needs. We lower your administrative costs by credentialing the network and supporting it with education, answering provider calls, and addressing quality and claims issues on your behalf at no cost to you.


At the heart of our success is our team of caring and committed professionals who are here to answer your questions.

Please reach out to explore working with us.