Joining PREFERRED Therapy Providers allows you to focus less on paperwork and more on your practice and patients.  

While participating in payor contracts can be a great way to reach patients, it definitely comes with an administrative burden. Contract negotiation, credentialing, making sure your clinic and therapist information stays up to date, contract and regulatory compliance, and staying on top of the latest payor and industry news all take time and resources.

By leveraging our experience and reach, you can save time and money by tapping into our network and enjoy the benefits outlined below.

Together we can grow your practice…  and your peace of mind.

One stop, more contracts

Members have access to contracts at the national, regional and local levels for pediatric or adult care. We work with health insurance companies, HMOs, ACOs, PPOs, self-insured employers, third-party administrators, specialty networks, workers’ compensation and auto insurance carriers.

Join PREFERRED and access one of the largest therapist-focused networks in the U.S. 

More payors, less paperwork

More payors can improve your bottom line, but the added administrative tasks can be overwhelming. Finding companies, negotiating contracts, credentialing and enrollment and ensuring you are up-to-date can make it impractical to expand your payor mix.

With PREFERRED, you do the paperwork once and we do the rest.  That makes adding less familiar — but very powerful — insurers to your payor mix completely painless.


Competitive reimbursements

We leverage our national reach and 30 years of experience when negotiating payor contracts.

That means your practice negotiates from a stronger position thanks to our perspective and the power of a network.  You can rest assured that an experienced advocate has worked to ensure reimbursements and terms are fair and competitive.

Fast-tracked credentialing

Members get fast-tracked clinic enrollment and therapist credentialing that takes weeks, not months.  And of course, no need to lose hours to entering information over and over again.  You send us the paperwork and we do the rest!  

Plus, once you’re active, we keep your clinic and therapist information up to date so you don’t have to. 

Help resolving claims disputes and appeals

When claims are not paid according to PREFERRED contracts, we’ll work with your billing team to help.  We’ll work with you and the payor to identify what has happened and provide insight from our broad experience on how to approach resolving it.

PREFERRED also works closely with several partners to provide news updates, webinars and links to sources that can help streamline and improve your billing process.

Support for contractual and regulatory compliance

As a member, you can worry less about staying on top of payor contract and regulatory requirements for PREFERRED contracts.  We help you stay compliant with annual compliance attestations and monitor the Office of Inspector General and SAM exclusion lists to ensure your therapists are not excluded from Medicare.

Regular contract reviews

When was the last time you reviewed your payor contracts?  It’s a lot.

PREFERRED  members enjoy peace of mind, knowing our experts review each contract annually to ensure they are competitive and in-line with current market trends.

Tools to grow your practice

Our goal is your success, so members also have access to tools including marketing toolkits, templates and ongoing expert advice; newsletters, videos and webinars on best practices for managing your therapy practice; and legislative alerts with a turnkey way to share your opinion on regulatory and reimbursement changes.

Partners you can trust

We know it can be overwhelming finding new vendors and service providers to grow your practice, so we bring our 30 years of experience and relationship-building to help.

You’ll find an ever-expanding list of recommendations to vendors you can trust — often with a discount — as a member of PREFERRED.