What is PREFERRED Therapy Providers?
In what states do you have health plans?
Does PREFERRED provide credentialing services?
Does PREFERRED accept all rehabilitation clinics into their network?
Does PREFERRED submit provider data changes to the health plan or PPO?
Does PREFERRED work with private practitioners opening new practices?
Does PREFERRED collect a percentage of provider reimbursement?
Are claims submitted to PREFERRED or to the insurance company?
What other type of support services does PREFERRED offer to their clients?
What is the investment to become a member of PREFERRED’s provider network?
Can I pay my network membership fee monthly?
Can I pay my network membership fee online?
How is the membership investment assessed?
How do I access my account information?
Does PREFERRED offer assistance with regulatory compliance?
Does PREFERRED hold provider client meetings?
How can a provider take advantage of PREFERRED’s vendor specials and discounts?
Does PREFERRED maintain ongoing relationships with health insurance companies?
How do I sign up for PREFERRED’s newsletter?