Questions To Ask

Thinking of joining a network? Here are some questions to ask before determining if a network is right for your business:

  • Which health insurance contracts are signed and active? (If any contracts are listed as “Currently Negotiating” they don’t count)
  • Does contracting with the network supersede other existing network contracts? Do I have a choice?
  • Does the network complement other relationships I have?
  • Is my annual membership fee based on patient volume or is it a predictable flat fee?
  • Should I accept all payor contracts regardless of reimbursement? Am I required to?
  • Are there any limitations for participation in other networks?
  • Who are the principals of the company and do they appropriately represent the profession?
  • How long has the network been in business?
  • What are the requirements of membership in the network?
  • Is a payor client list available?
  • What is the track record on customer service and support?
  • Will the network be an ongoing resource for my business in general, including questions about managed care and contracting?
  • Can I review the provider network agreement and sample fee schedules before I join the network?
  • Is this network the right one for my practice?
  • What other value-added services and resources does the network provide?